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YJ ZhiLong Mini Magnetic 4×4

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The YJ ZhiLong Mini Magnetic 4×4 is a new mini magnetic cube released by YJ. YJ Zhilong Mini M 3×3 comes at a size of 50mm & having a incredibly compact feel wth a smooth turning feel. The stronger & the lighter magnets attached in the cube makes it more stable during solves. YJ ZhiLong Mini M 4×4 can be suggested as a best cube on the market when comparing with it’s size. Cube is espicially designed for those who need a smaller 4×4.


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Weight 150 g


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Manufacturer YJ
Type 4×4
Added 2020-11-28
Gross Weight 130g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 96.0g