QiYi Valk 2 Magnetic 2×2


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QiYi Valk 2 Magnetic 2×2 is the first 2×2 produced in the iconic Valk line. Coming in at a slightly larger than normal 51mm, this puzzle is solidly built with a more dense and substantial feel. The Valk 2 M uses a corner and edge magnet layout resembling that of a 3×3. It makes the cube more constant feel which compared to other cubes available in the market.

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Product Specifications

Weight 231 g

Stickerless, Black

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Manufacturer QiYi MoFangGe
Type 2×2
Added 2018-12-19
Gross Weight 221g
Dimensions 51.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 78.4g