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MoYu Triangle PyraMinx

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The MoYu Triangle Pyraminx is shape mod of the regular pyraminx cube with Duo cube released by MoYu. When compared the regular, Triangle Pyraminx comes with extra piece in the center. Product is available in stickerless shade.


Weight 90 g


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Manufacturer MoYu
Type Pyraminx
Added 2020-11-23
Gross Weight 81g
Item Weight 65.0g
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19 Jan 2021
I recommend this product
A brilliant beginner puzzle!

This is a Pyraminx mode, hence it turns exactly like a Pyraminx with a couple of exceptions. First the corner edges don't rotate around themselves, secondly the middles make it technically more complex than a Pyraminx. Like the rest of the MoYu Macaron collection, this cube comes in a very nice stickerless finish and feels very smooth and high quality to the touch. It turns smoothly and effortlessly but without overturning, making it very easy to solve accurately. This puzzle is quite big, standing about as tall as my V-cube 7, and the shape of it makes it uncomfortable to carry in your pocket. The puzzle is similar to a Pyraminx, hence extremely easy. The middles do not add much complexity as they can be left untouched until the end where adjusting it is fairly trivial. The fact that the corners do not turn is appreciate as the corners are nothing but a time waste on the Pyraminx, adding no complexity. It also makes the cube easier to grab. There aren't that many patterns to explore with this cube as well. For me, I enjoy turning the cube around so much that the downsides make up for it. It is so easy that you sorta undo it and do it seamlessly. The cube has 4 faces meaning it also doesn't have the kinda uglier peach color from the other macaron cubes, which removes the confusion I had with the pieces on the other cubes. Overall I think it's an enjoyable fidget toy to have on your desk. I would also recommend to beginners, as it can be challenging but without having to bother with algorithms really.