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GAN11 M Pro 3×3

$63.99 $64.99

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The Gan11 M Pro 3×3 is th latest flaship killer of 2020, with  biggest features is that the cube provides corner & core magnet positioning system. Gann11 Pro M is made up of 64 magnets and makes it different from the rgular versions. The magnet strength of the core can be interchanged for lighter or stronger magnets. The the corner piece magnets can be easily adjusted between light, moderate, and strong for improving the perfomance. Product comes in 4 versions: Frosted, Frosted with Black, Soft & UV Coated laver. The dual adjustment core of the gan 11 M Pro allows in 24 different adjustment variations with 4 elasticity nut options and 6 spring compression choices. Package comes with dark blue elasticity nuts for adjustment, alternate strength core magnets, screwdriver, and guide.


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Weight 200 g

Stickerless, Stickerless – Black

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Manufacturer GAN
Type 3×3
Added 2020-09-30
Gross Weight 175g
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 64.0g
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13 Dec 2020
Flavio B.
I recommend this product
The best 3x3 in the market

The gan 11 pro m, one of the most expensive 3x3 on the market, it's, in my opinion definetely worth it. With the adjustable corner magnets, a very high quality frosted plastic and an unique package it is one, if not the best, of best 3x3. I know the price it's very high and for beginners I will still tip to buy the rs3m but for everybody that want to make it further in the worl of speedcubing it's definitely reccomended. It made me again wanting to speedcube seriously, and I already did a bunch of sub7 that are becoming more and more easy to do. So yes, with more than 600 solves in 4 days I'll definitely reccomend buying it, you will still need a bit of precision because of the classic gan feeling, but in respect to the other gans this one it's a giant leap further. CrazyItalianCuber

02 Dec 2020
Aiysha J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
its reallly a pro cube

really love this cube espicially it comes with a new box. Its the best 3x3 available in the market, performs very well. Just found a small issue in the corner cutting but this is my main cube. Realyy love this cube. it comes with some ges nuts, magnets some other accessories. really stable, we can easily reduce time with this. tannks mcubes for your great service