mcubes is an online destination for all the puzzles you need since 9th June 2018 located in India. mcubes provides a starting destination for all types of cubes Official puzzles, Unofficial puzzles up to 19×19, and different collections of accessories such as Fidget Toys, Puzzle Lubricants, SpeedStacks Cups, Timers, Stack Mats, Bags, Pouches, cube stickers, and other exciting products featuring various brands.

Our History – mcubes

mcubes was launched June 9th, 2018 with a handful of popular World Cubing Association puzzles and a variety of Twisty puzzle collections.

Eighteen-Year-old Speedcuber, Midhun Raj started his speedcubing career in the year 2017. He started organizing from his second competition on words. His only dream was to create a speedcubing retailer store that can provide the cubes to the rest of the world at the lowest price. He makes his dream true by starting his cube store cubes. We are thanking the people who support and stays with us, thank you.